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Pressure proof up to
1000 bar / 14503 psi

Stainless steel housing

Sensing face made from
stainless steel or ceramic

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Precise metal classification

Dual output - no separate
presence sensor needed

Robust Metal-Face

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Starting Ø3 mm thin
Down to 18 mm short

Fully self-contained

Stainless steel housings,
epoxy potting and fiber-glass
reinforced substrates / PCBs

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Temperatures of up to
180 °C / 352 °F permanent

Fully self-contained

All popular sizes from
M8 to M30 available

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Resistant to extreme
electromagnetic fields

Reduction Factor 1

Robust Metal-Face

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Extra high
measuring distances

temperature stability

Voltage output 10 … 0 V
Current output 20 … 4 mA

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Temperatures of up to
150 °C / 302 °F permanent

Fully self-contained

Sensitivity adjustment by
multi-turn potentiometer

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Absolute highest sensing
distances in its class

Sensitivity adjustment by
multi-turn potentiometer

Metal, plastic & PTFE housings from Ø6.5 mm … M30


Capacitive - High Temperature

To complete our line of capacitive sensors, the new complete series of high temperature capacitive sensors has just been launched. These sensors range from M8 to M30 and survive under permanent temperatures of up to 150 °C (302 °F).

Inductive - Shorts with entended Sn

With immediate effect, the short sensors M8 are also available with ultra-short housings:

Diameter Body Length Connection Mounting Sn
M8 32 mm Connector M8 shielded 2 mm
M8 32 mm Connector M8 semi-shielded 3 mm
M8 32 mm Connector M8 semi-shielded 4 mm
M8 32 mm Connector M8 unshielded 4 mm
M8 32 mm Connector M8 unshielded 6 mm

Inductive - M18 with new best Sn

XECRO is proud to introduce its latest innovation. The performance series now includes sensors with a housing diameter of M18x1.

These new M18 semi-shielded sensors can be build with a sensing distance of 15 mm !
They're available in short and conventional housings of the same size as all other sensors from XECRO.

Inductive - Weld-Field-Immune

Industrial welding is agressive to sensors. The EMI-files they're exposed to disturbes their detection circuit; the weld-splatter damages their sensing face.
With this in mind, XECRO presents its newest series of inductive sensors which are

  Weld-Field Immune and do have Metal-Face technology,

where the sensing face and the sensor housing are made from one contiual stainless steel housing,

Inductive - Ultra Metal Face

An industry innovation !

XECRO unveils inductive sensors with unseen thick stainless steel sensing face. These new and most innovative sensors have been designed to withstand even the heaviest impact and will ensure stable detection where other sensors have been mechanically damaged already.
Their down-tuned sensing distance of 1 mm allows precise positioning without the risk to damage the sensor during mechanical contact.

Inductive Sensor M12 - 35 mm short with connector

Since XECRO sees more and more demands for space saving sensors, a customer specific development found it's way into the main catalog and is available as a standard product from now on. The sensors M12x1 with 35 mm short housings, including M12 connector, are available with sensing distances of 4 mm (shielded), 6 and 8 mm (both semi-shielded).

Inductive Metal Face - unshielded versions

The metal face series M8 and M12 from XECRO have been expanded by unshielded versions. The M8 series has a sensing distance of 3.5 mm, while the M12 series has 6mm sensing distance. Both come in IP69 stainless steel housings and are down to 30 mm short.

Inductive - High Temperature

For better mechanical interchangeability, XECRO renewed the line of inductive sensors for temperatures of up to 180 °C (356 °F). The new sensors have exactly the same housing dimensions as those sensors for standard temperatures from XECRO.

High Resolution Area Sensors

XECRO presents its new line of compact area senors that form multiple infrared beams into extreme high density light curtains.

Their optical performance, with an operating distance of up to 10m (33ft) and active areas of 100, 200 and 300mm (3.9, 7.9 and 11.8in), opens a wide field of applications.
Their optical synchronization, where no electric interconnection is required, simplifies replacing single beam light barriers in applications where the shape of the object being detected requires a high resolution sensor.

Photoelectric Sensors M18-Flat

The new photoelectric sensors have a flattened body, reflex and through beam sensors; light sensors are also available. This extremely durable nickel plated brass design makes mounting options particulary flexible.

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